About Me

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I was born and brought up in Glasgow.
As a teenager I took to hitch hiking around Europe but that’s another story.

My professional career was in Civil Engineering which took me to Canada, South Africa, the Middle East and South America.

I am the author of a series of books about walking and cycling around Scotland. This interest shifted my career to cycling and I was founder and first Chief Executive of Cycling Scotland until I retired.

I have moved on again to become a novelist with my first published novel, a political thriller entitled Overture which was very successful.

I have now completed my second novel – In the shadow of the gathering storm.
It’s a story set in Germany, Scotland and Ireland where the characters – German, British and Irish – become involved in the far reaching events which took place at the end of the first world war and beyond.

It has now been published on Kindle and the printed edition will be launched by the end of March 2018.

Where cycling is concerned I have now developed a penchant for long distance touring and to date I have ridden from Glasgow to France and Italy and most recently cycled from Berlin to Warsaw.

This year I cycled from Vienna to Budapest but that has not been written up yet.